Angela Davis : A Radical African American Educator And Activist For Civil Rights

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Born on January 26, 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama. Angela Davis is best

known as a radical African American educator and activist for civil rights and

other social issues. She knew about racial prejudice from her experiences

with discrimination growing up in Alabama. As a teenager, Davis organized

interracial study groups, which were broken up by the police. She also knew

several of the young African American girls killed in the Birmingham church

bombing of 1963. Davis, so moved by the deaths of the four girls killed in

the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in her hometown in 1963,

that she decided to join the civil rights movement. By 1967, however,

Davis was influenced by Black Power advocates and joined the Student

Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and then the black panther

Party. During the early 1970s she also became active in the movement to

improve prison conditions for inmates. That work led to her campaign to

release the “Soledad (Prison) Brothers." The Soledad Brothers were two

African American prisoners and Black Panther Party members, George

Jackson and W. L. Nolen, who were incarcerated in the late 1960s.

This is only a fraction of the historic icons that was involved in the Civil

Rights Movement. Their messages and their worked reached millions,

Malcolm X spoke to those who thought that actions speak louder than

words and no price is too big for freedom and equality. Dr. King preached

to anyone who would listen, Dr.…

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