Essay on Andrew Jackson 's Freedom Of Freedom

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For the slaves, the period of expansion west and south did not strengthen their possession of independence, but it did illuminate some cracks in the system that could be exploited. These cracks ultimately positioned the slaves in reach of freedom. Individualism, which is the idea that each person is the actor and the purpose of society, was the device that initially benefited only white men, but eventually benefited the slaves. This term was coined in the United States to empower a larger portion of white men, to stimulate these men to vote and helped to solidify a two political party system in our country. Andrew Jackson needed to displace the Indians to make more land available to expand slavery in the south, while the free blacks, former slaves, and other abolitionists fought for their democratic rights in the north.
In 1837, Ralph Waldo Emerson encouraged the white elite to find comfort in doing what is right, regardless of how unpopular their choice. He was addressing the individuals that counted, the full citizens, the white property owners that could vote. However, the non-property owning white men wanted to have their rights too. The rights promised by a democratic government, which placed the supreme power in the people by their elected agents. According to Jeff Helgeson, Emerson saw everyone as the hope for the future of America. Andrew Jackson pushed for an egalitarian democracy, where everyone is equal. However, Jackson meant, equality for only white…

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