Andrew Carnegie Persuasive Essay

The audience at the graduation hall explodes with hollers, cheers, and whistles for the new graduates. Many of these people didn’t think they would get accepted into a university, let alone graduate from college. Their desires would have never been fulfilled if it hadn’t been for the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie. In some views, Andrew Carnegie was a cruel, selfish, millionaire who took advantage of people. Others, however, believe he was an excellent leader with many virtues. These virtues included intelligence, being self-made, and having concern for others.

One of the first virtues Andrew Carnegie displayed was intelligence. Without intelligence, mankind would still be living in caves and eating bugs. According to the Background Essay, Andrew Carnegie proved his high intelligence levels when he became “... locally famous for being able to decode the dot-dot dash-dash message by
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Andrew Carnegie may not be known as the kindest of souls, but he displayed a father-like “tough love” for others. The Gospel of Wealth states, “ produce the most beneficial results for the community-the man of wealth… bringing to their [the community’s] service his superior wisdom, experience, and ability to administer, doing for them better than they would or could do themselves…” despite sounding a bit arrogant, his true intentions DO make sense. Not only did Andrew Carnegie give many “tidbits” of advice, but he also made large donations after death. In Document 9, it shows Carnegie’s overall donation came to a grand total $350,695,653. Even to this day, his organization distributing about $1,000,000,000 to education per year. People still may argue that he paid workers below the average pay, but this only happened after a strike that took place; he allowed for men to receive raises up to ten dollars per day. Andrew Carnegie was a noble leader despite being shaded by

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