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Anders Behring Breivik Anders Behring Breivik, born in Oslo, Norway on February 13th, 1979, came from a broken home. His father, Jens Breivik, worked as a diplomat for the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and his mother, Wenche Behrin, worked as a nurse. The Breivik family lived in London together until his parents divorced in 1980. Anders was only year old at the time. Anders lived with his mother and half-sister on the west side of Oslo and frequently went to visit his father and his new stepmother in France. Jens and Wenche went through an ordeal of custody battles where he and his new wife fought to take him from his mother to raise him in Paris. They were never successful, and Anders was raised almost entirely by his mom. He grew up …show more content…
Walking into the camp, he called out to those around him, gathering them as if he were going to make a statement to them about the events that had just taken place. He then pulled out his weapons from his bag and began indiscriminately opening fire. He started off shooting people on the island and later began shooting those who attempted swimming to safety and also those he found pretending to play dead. The shootings were reported to have lasted about an hour and a half. It has been reported that the shooter used hollow-point, which increased tissue damage in its victims. Peter Svaar, a Norwegian broadcaster NRK was one of the first reporters to arrive after the Oslo bombing, and a former classmate of Breivik, explains how he had “toyed with them, telling them they were safe, urging them to come closer, before he shot them dead, point blank, with a machine gun” . 18-year-old Emma Martinovic, a survivor on Utoya, has written her account of that tragic day on her blog. In her description she has said, “It looked as if he was aiming at us. Poff! One of the other swimmers was shot, I saw the blood stream out, so I started to swim even faster. Then I turned back again and saw he was aiming at those who still hadn’t started swimming from land yet.”
Police arrived on the island and Breivik initially hesitated but only momentarily, and then choose to lay down his

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