Essay on Ancient Mesopotamia And Modern Day Iraq

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Sumer is known as one of the first recorded civilizations in human history. It was established in ancient Mesopotamia, in what is known today as modern day Iraq. Sumer was nestled in between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the Fertile Crescent. This stretch of land was completely isolated, with dry desert sands surrounding it in all directions. The date when this civilization was established is still unknown, and secular sources believe that it was between 6000-4000 BC. Many Christians scholars believe that it wasn’t established until 3000 BC. The exact date is unclear, but as of now, it is the first known civilization of man.

The land of Sumer, which eventually became known as Babylonia, consisted of the lower half of Mesopotamia. It was about 10,000 sq. miles long, or about the size of Massachusetts. Because of its location in the extremely hot and dry Middle Eastern climate, its soil was useless, and easily wind-swept. This civilization was considered to be the region with the “hand of God against it,” and despite the land’s natural setbacks, they turned Sumer into another “Garden of Eden”, and developed what became the first high civilization of man. The people of Sumer had a very unusual knack for technology, considering their isolated location and lack of resources. Without their contributions, society wouldn’t function as efficiently as it does today. Some of the earliest recorded settlers created the idea of irrigation. Because of its convenient location in…

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