Essay Ancient India, Religion, Hinduism, And Jainism

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Paper 1 In ancient India, religious beliefs played an important role in everyday life. Many religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Jainism, were found throughout Indian civilization dating back to 1500 B.C.E. The most predominating ancient religion, Hinduism, is still in practice today as one of the world’s oldest religions (India Religion). Indian culture exhibits interesting diversity that has been around for decades, but the main focal point discussed is about the different aspects of Hinduism. Hinduism, derived from the Indus Valley Civilization(India’s earliest known civilization), involves a variety of cultural traditions with one of its major influences from pantheism. Pantheism, the belief that God and the universe are one in the same, suggests that Hindus may worship many gods, but all gods are considered “one” as a whole (Humanities I, 73). The Vedic era from 1500-322 B.C.E., grouped individuals in a hierarchical class by occupation. This system, set in place by the invading Aryans (also knowns as lords), established a social order and a powerful inspiration of religion (Humanties I, 72). The Vedas, a book of traditions and deities, managed to “teach worship through prayer and sacrifice” and has evidence of early scientific research (Humanties I, 73). Although each individual had a classification status, religion remained fairly consistent throughout each social class. The majority of Indian people practiced Hinduism with respect to…

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