Ancient Indi Aryan, Mauryan, And Hindu Essay

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Ancient India: Aryan, Mauryan, and Hindu
Homo-erectus was the first hominin to inhabit Ancient India.1 They were followed by the Harappan Civilization, which the Aryans demolished upon their arrival.2 Later, the Mauryan Empire ruled over Ancient India. All the while, everyday life in Ancient India was greatly influenced by Hinduism.3
Homo-erectus were the earliest species of human settlement in India and lasted there until the third millennium before common era.4 They began as hunter-gatherers 5 and used arrowheads and other stone microliths as common weapons and tools.6 The Homo-erectus were known for always moving to where the animals that they hunted moved, living in caves in the hills for shelter.7 Many burial sites have been found, indicating a belief in an afterlife.8 India’s earliest inhabitants led a standardly Neolithic lifestyle.9
By 8,000 BCE, humans on the Indian sub-continent had begun to farm. The domestication of animals began around 10,000 to 7,000 BCE.10 Later, technical innovations began to improve agricultural practices and make them more efficient. Tools made of stone, such as ground stone axes, sickles, hammers, and blades, aided in tasks such as digging irrigation ditches and ploughing.11 Furthermore, the iron plow and irrigation were later needed for the agriculturalization and cultivation of the Ganges river valley.12 It was also discovered that animal manure was a useful fertilizer for the land.13 Hunter-gatherers lived a day-to-day existence trying…

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