Ancient Greek And Roman Influence On The Site 's Social, Religious And Government Values

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In the examination of the Turkish site, there is significant evidence of ancient Greek and Roman influence on the site’s social, religious and government values. In contrast there is not many indications of culture influence from both the complex societies of China and India. The city layout and various buildings demonstrate the city’s adaptability overtime in various aspects of what makes them a complex society. One of the city’s most valued aspect of life is their entertainment and daily social interactions. The majority of the structures are built with the ability of holding a large amount of citizens and the purpose of them exceed basic human needs. The image of the Theater shows the capability of seating thousands of observant and circular shape allows the observant to focus on the area of the event. While the theater holds the same shape semi-circle as both a Roman and Greek Theater, because the theater seating is not divided by multiple sections it is conclusive that this event center’s architecture comes from Greek influence. The stadium, which has the similar purpose of entertainment as the Theater, has the possibility of holding a large population. A difference between the two constructions is that the stadium is a full oval of seating and has a larger area to hold various sporting events. Additionally, the theater may have been a more common area of gather because it was more centrally located in the city compared to the stadium which is near the border of the…

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