Ancient Egypt : An Ancient Civilization Essay

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Egypt is an ancient, powerful, renowned country ruled by pharaoh’s, watched over by thousands of mighty gods, and shaped by their immortal pyramids and who can forget; famous for their incredible invention of mummification. It’s an ancient civilization that is unmatched by any other of its time. Hundreds of movies were produced based on its pharaoh’s, mummification ritual, and culture. Many books talk about famous pharaohs and their mighty tombs; or pyramids as they are more often referred to nowadays. Now, a burning question; has the builder of these mighty pyramids ever been thought of before? Who was this almighty being who came up with the idea of building pyramids that shaped Egypt as the almighty civilization it is seen as today? Everyone knew it was the farmers who did the physical labour of hauling bricks up ramps (or pouring them into wooden molds) until they became the shape they became, however, wasn’t the architecture given any credit. Imhotep was said architecture;s name; and he was a commoner, a common man; born in Ankhtow, from a village called thebes; he came from an average family. However, it was this common man who was the one responsible for the invention of the immortal pyramids, one of the world’s largest natural manmade structures for millennia. In fact, not only was he responsible for building pyramids, but he was an important, never forgotten figure in Egyptian history because of his contribution to architecture, his advancement in medicine at his…

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