Ancient Chinese Sports Like Juedixi, Dragon Boat Racing, And Cuju

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Across the globe there are a number of barriers that separate the people who live within them. Language, religion, race, culture, and geography are just a few of these barriers. Throughout time people have seen many events that can bind some of these countries together. One constant is athletic events. Some countries are more powerful at this. Ancient Chinese sports like juedixi, dragon boat racing, and cuju are able to connect and unify many people across the globe and allow barriers to be crossed throughout the world. Juedixi is an ancient form of modern day gymnastics that changed the way we do gymnastics today. The Chinese were able to take gymnastics, which were originally from England, and create its own distinct features that challenged both the body and mind. Juedixi is “a combination of ancient Chinese culture, art and sports [that incorporates] dance, music, acrobatics, conjuring, and wrestling” (Juedixi…). The dancing of juedixi allowed the purpose of this sport to be revealed. In the Han Dynasty, it was used to entertain foreign guests (Juedixi…). These foreign guests were from different cultures and had different ethnic backgrounds, but juedixi was able to close this cultural gap through the movement and dance that occurs in juedixi. Modern day gymnastics are now a combination of juedixi and the original gymnastics from England. Juedixi is not the only sport used to close the gap between cultures.
Originating in England, competitive rowing is a very common…

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