Ancient Chinese And Mesopotamian Cultures Essay

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The Chinese and Mesopotamian cultures comprise of various differing principles in the political and religious structures. However, there are certain comparable elements in the two cultures. Confucianism and the beliefs promoted by Gilgamesh are some of the elements that have enhanced these similarities. To begin with, Confucianism is a complex religious structure that conforms to the ancient Chinese values regarding religious aspects as well as the philosophical perspectives of Confucius. The religious teachings of Confucianism aim at promoting righteousness in the society by using the basic moral principles in everyday activities. To achieve this goal, Confucianism emphasizes that the ideal human being ought to exemplify the qualities of an intellectual and saint. In comparison, the Epic of Gilgamesh highlights the exterior strength of a human being and the correlation between this bodily power and the might of the gods. Accordingly, the religious culture of the Mesopotamians indicate that the gods are responsible for causing natural calamities including the death of a wicked person in order to save the human race. These similarities form the basis of this discussion.

To begin with, Confucius acknowledged the existence of spirits in the daily life of a human being. Adherents of Confucianism believed that these spirits had to be available for a person to execute a crucial activity. This is evident in the Analects when the author indicates that the general population had to…

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