Ancient Art Essay

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Ancient Art
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Nicole Woodford
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September 16, 2012

Abstract When looking at the artwork of this time I was drawn in by burial works of art. Thing like chariots, shields, and in Egypt they would bury the pets of their leader. It showed how one culture can pick up the ways of other cultures.

Ancient Art
There was two pieces that stood out to me the most. The first one was a bronze chariot inlaid with ivory and the other one was a bronze shield boss. I could see from looking at the Etruscans works of art that they loved to use bronze. This was something that showed how they person they buried was in the social standing of their culture.
The first piece a bronze chariot inlaid
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Now in ancient times art was created with a different meaning to the artist then the artists of today. Based on the time it was created there as religious and symbolic base which was not meant to be resold but so that it was speak in to a person. One thing is not all art works from this time was salvageable. This brings me to my main focus point which is the burial art. The Etruscans art work was mainly burial art.
The Etruscans were greatly influenced in religion and pottery by the Greeks long before Romans came into power. When the Romans turned into a Republic in which caused they to expand and conquer the Etruscans and the Greeks. This is where they took the customs of the land they took over. In other words they soaked in the cultures. Now with the Egyptians who were an older culture and much wiser than the others. They are known for over the top burials with gold sarcophagi, dead pets, dead slaves, and even food in urns in the tombs. Romans did what the Greeks could not do and that was taking over the Egyptian empire. In which the gods from both of the cultures were taken in with the burial customs. Now in an Islamic funeral there was a lot of contact from the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. I felt a need to focus on this piece right as the art work in which is related to burial. That is the common thing these cultures followed and had a major influence in.

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