Analyzing The Stimulus Packet, The Secret Life Of Plants, And The United States

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Task 2 Rough Draft
After interpreting the stimulus packet, I analyzed the underlying topics of “Life of the Peasants”, “The Secret Life of Plants”, and “Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States”, and developed a connection of the long-standing traditions of spirituality burdening the advancements of human evolution and the search for prosperity. An example of this is how "kin selection has an evolutionary rationale because it increases the chances that the genes an individual shares with its relatives will be passed to the next generation" (The Secret Life of Plants). This describes the benefits of cultural significance in medicinal practices because it relates to how long-standing cultures have the ability to pass down “home-remedies” that can prove to be useful in the world of medicine. In another instance, the photograph by Frida Kahlo visualizes the relationships between terminating cultures and industrialization and the fact that there are benefits to each position. this demonstrates how there are instances where culture and industrialization should mix, but also where they need to stay segregated for the benefits of each one. A similar resolution was derived from “A Letter to My Nephew”, as it investigates how personal values can influence social advancements. Through these resources, I was able to conclude that a particularly large connecting element is the effect of culture and spirituality on advancements with the aim of an improved…

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