Analyzing The Organization That Help With The Effect Drought Essay

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Research log #1
Starting point With this research log I will be writing about the organization that help with the effect drought. Also I will be showing things that we are people can do to help ourselves when drought becomes too much. I will show how the governor of areas are helping with a positive way to overcome the effects of long periods of drought. Also the research on what can happen with drought if we do not start now on the effects of drought.
Citation source 1 scholarly journal
Wilhite, Donald A., Norman J. Rosenberg, and Michael H. Glantz. "Corrigendum." Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology 25.7 (1986): 1075. Journals Online. American Meteorological Society. Web. 2 Oct. 2016. .
Rhetorical Information.
This scholarly journal was written for the public view The written source is readable and gives you information about the topic. The purpose of the source is to give information to others. The information is clear and understandable. This source could be bias but it does not say it in the reading that it is.
Evaluation of source’s credibility.
The writers 0f this scours worked together to get this information to help other when there is another serious drought. They got all their information from other reliable resources. They may have come up with the information and the steps to take by themselves and that makes them bias but their information can help many in danger of drought.
Summary of the source’s content.
“Federal response to the mid-1970s…

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