Analyzing The Article By Paul Young Concerning Water As A Resource

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The purpose of this essay is to summarize the article by Paul Young regarding water as a resource, whether it falls from the sky or pumped from the ground. It studies the idea of water being used wastefully is the past decades. The first thing that will discuss is the origin of water and how it began, which will then lead to comparing resources of groundwater and surface water. Finally ending with a discussion about fresh water, on the ground and atmosphere.
In the article, the author starts by explaining the beginning of water and its origins. Water has been in an endless circulation for millennia between the geosphere and atmosphere. Scientist theorizes water might have come from two primary sources; volcanic steam and water arriving from outer space.
When a volcano erupts it emits gases into the atmosphere, two-thirds of the gases from the active volcanoes is steam. The steam is then forms into clouds. Thus, it rains from volcanic ash. In addition, lava also releases water into the atmospheres during eruption, and it is known as magmatic water. The second source of the origin of water as mentioned before is from space, in the form of comets. Tiny fragments of rocks held together by big pieces of ice and frozen gases known as ‘dirty snowballs’, hitting Earth billions of years ago. The water from these comets might still be on Earth today. In fact, the ancient volcano steam and the icy comets are probably the reason water circulating to this day.
As far as scientists…

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