Analyzing Primary Sources # 2 Essay

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Christian Crispin Condron
Dr. Daniel Clasby
World Civilization
April 27, 2016
Analyzing Primary Sources #2
Beginning in the nineteenth century the philosophy of “Modernism” through the current ruling governments started to take effect as Monarchies along with other governments around Europe were forced to change and react to the peoples wants and needs as a result of the ongoing revolutions occurring amongst that nation’s citizens. This sense of “Modernism” that these Monarchies were going through wasn’t a throwing away of culture and traditions and picking up new ones as you may see today, according to the traditionalist, but a “Modernism” of the “ridding away with the Horse and Buggy in exchange for the Automobile”. A change that was much needed in order for the preservation of these governments to continue. With these changes, government leaders hoped to give a national pride to their people, making changes that could unite all citizens under the banner of their nation and not only have these citizens represent their country but the idea of expanding and improving the nation as a whole. What followed wasn’t only a desire to expand territories but to expand trade, education, military, and production as a whole so that a nation could grow and become stronger under their empire, Kaiser Willhelm II brings up this perception by stating “we have conquered for ourselves a place in the sun. It is my task to see to it that the sun shall remain our undisputed possession”…

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