Analyzing Individual Sexual Reactions With Aids And Understand How They Have Evolved Over The Course Of The Epidemic

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A first consideration in developing the workshop was to analyze individual sexual reactions to AIDS and understand how they have evolved over the course of the epidemic. A particularly debilitating reaction was one we called "diet/binge" sexual behavior. In this instance, the individual initially ceases all sexual activity, the rationale being that "there is no sense in having sex if I can 't do everything I want. "Yet, this kind of abstinence is usually short-lived, particularly for men who have a history of being sexually active and have stopped directly out of fear of AIDS; during the period of such "enforced" celibacy, they report feeling very anxious, angry, and/or depressed, and soon after, periodically resume sexual activity, often in ways that are highly risky for transmitting HIV. Obviously, this kind of "diet/binge" sexual behavior is mentally and physically dangerous to the individual engaging in it, as well as to his sexual partners. It became clear to us that for people who had been sexually active prior to the current health crisis, there needed to be a way of helping them adjust emotionally to sexuality in the era of AIDS. This adjustment needed to include skills for them to choose whatever level of sexual activity they felt comfortable with, but only in non risky ways.

The proposed behavioral causes of AIDS, such as multiple sexual partners and long-term recreational drug use, have existed for many years. The epidemic of AIDS, characterized by the…

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