Analyzing Impact of the Internet Essay

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Analyzing the Impact of the Internet
By: Yaribel Velez
Capella University

Analyzing the Impact of the Internet

“When I decided to obtain my MBA I was a bit concern with the problems all students are facing in today’s economy. I thought to myself “another loan” could I bear to afford a student loan with a high interest rate? Not many single mothers seek to gain a profession due to the rise in college tuition and high interest rates on loans. Though, I decided to pursue with my degree which will benefit me in the future. The government intervention with Obama lowering rates of federal loans back in August 2013, but I wish for more financial assistance availability. My personal opinion is that financial assistance for higher education
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Evidence of quality and the pursuit of excellence have become the key mantra dominating higher education.
Online education has become a big sensation throughout the years with more colleges and universities integrating online courses. Online education is a beneficial way of learning for single parents, elder population seeking to obtain a degree, and most importantly for those seeking flexibility. According to (US Department of Education 2006, p. vii) the landscape in higher education has been constantly changing. While this evolution has led to expansion of the higher education industry and advancement in educational aspirations and attainment, ongoing improvements in these dimensions is imperative. This new landscape demands innovation and flexibility. Students have become more attracted with online learning because they have more flexible way of achieving their personal and educational goals. All students learn differently, and taking courses online will give you time to completely understand a material before moving on which is a better approach of learning. David Kuntz believes that we’re only just beginning to see the potential of educational software. Through the intensive use of date analysis and machine learning techniques, he predicts, the online programs will advance through several “tiers if adaptivity,” each offering greater personalization through more advance automation. Although the link between media

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