Analyzing At & T Inc. Essay

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Analyzing AT&T Inc.
1. The company
a. Brief description of the company
AT&T is a groundbreaking company and has been that way for many years. AT&T Inc. provides telecommunications services to consumers and businesses in the United States and internationally. Its offers countless wireless voice, data, text, and local wireless, long-distance, and roaming services. They have become so big that sometimes they are looked as a monopoly. It sells various items through its stores, agents, or third party retail stores. They served approximately 110 million wireless subscribers worldwide. The company’s Wire line segment provides data services, DSL Internet access, network integration, managed Web hosting, packet, and enterprise networking services. As well as local, interstate, and international wholesale networking capacity to other service providers. The company has strategic relationship with IBM to provide businesses with a source for network security and threat management.
The company known as SBC Communications Inc. and changed its name to AT&T Inc. in November 2005. AT&T, Inc. was found in 1983 and was based in Dallas, Texas. The company AT&T bought by SBC for that decision was a milestone in the history of telecommunications which extending the reign of a global icon. Their reach is so far that it is an excellent company to work for and they offer a great hiring program.
AT&T is a top innovator in programing and services. AT&T has several business connects. One is with…

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