Essay about Analyze the Business Market of Toto

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TOTO Ltd. was established in 1917 and is the market leader in toilet manufacturer market. Its missions are to develop products which can be used daily by people at any ages comfortably. TOTO Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that can jet water towards the user with a remote control.1The objective of the business to business marketing plan are promoting environmental friendly, extending market share, developing business market in hospital and hotel industry and meeting $5 million sales after six month.

Target Business Customer

We mainly target on companies that consume including hotels and private owned hospital.
For hotels we target Kowloon and Island Shangri-La, Macro Polo Hotel HK Café. They were our existing
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Besides, we have a showroom at Wan Chai. We need to design a channel for our product placing. First, we need to identify and forecast the user service needs. Our target customers are hotels and private hospitals; they need the high quality product with sanitary and convenience function. Second, we need to create a vision for ideal channel, in this section, we need rapid delivery and different payment terms to build the long relationship with our customers. Furthermore, we need to assess options. We should evaluate the current channels and other options, now we have 20 distributors; they mainly sell our items, but we should try to find more distributors, because they are only provide the selective service. About the implement and manage stage, we have to look at the competitor’s product to set our distribution strategy. Besides, we will use the gap analysis to compare the actual performance and expectations.
In order to have better control on the channels members, we will use carrots and sticks method to maintain their performance. When the performance of distributor is bad, we will give the punishment to them, we may cancel the discount on mass product buying. When their performance is good, we will give the reward to them, they can use 7 washlet price to buy 10 washlet.
About our product, TOTO washlet is new in Hong Kong market, it includes many benefits that it makes user feel relaxing comfort and

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