Analytical Summary : What 's Happening College Students Today?

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Analytical Summary: “What’s happening to college students today?”
In Tim Elmore’s Psychology Today article “What’s happening to college students today?” Posted on November 30, 2015, he addresses why college students want to commit suicide. Elmore’s exigence is from Madison Holleran who was the third of six Penn students to commit suicide within a year. His message is how suicide have become more common in the last decade. Elmore proposes to you some steps on how to lead some students well. Elmore insists that you don’t live life by comparing yourself to others.
Elmore feels that with the new generation every kid feels like they have to be someone they’re not. Elmore insists that kids are being alienated and feeling like their alone. Elmore argues that “we’ve not taught students how to evaluate mistakes or failures.” (Elmore Par. 6) One problem is that social media is very popular now. A lot of college students have some type of social media. If you do anything wrong in public and it gets out on footage everyone will see it and it will cause bad situations. Elmore says that “Sadly, today’s kids live their lives comparing themselves to the edited “fake” social media accounts of others.” (Elmore Par. 5) Students feel like they need to be someone else instead of being whom there are. That’s when you start to see depression or anxiety developing. Elmore is really clarifying that boomers today raise their kids with higher expectations. Elmore is emphasizing the fact that kids…

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