Analytical Essay "Sea Story"

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Assignment A - Analytical essay
The short story “Sea Story” is written by A.S Byatt in 2013. A tale of one man’s lost love, a comment on today’s carelessness concerning our nature and the adventure of one single bottle’s contribute towards environmental disaster.
In the very first sentence of the story, the reader is introduced to the main character, a man born by the sea. The writer makes it obvious from the very start that nature – or more specific, water, is an important theme throughout the story. The first part of the story gives a brief summery of this man’s life and character, a characterization defined by the ocean to such degree that the man almost becomes the body of water himself “his mother’s birth pangs began when she was
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They were all shapes and sizes and some of them were in jewelled colours, emerald, opal, crimson, cobalt, ultramarine. […] This was the Atlantic Gyre or the Caribbean Trash Vortex.” Here the poetic aspect of it is seen in how all kinds of exotic colors are gathered in one place, making the optimistic reader wonder if it beautiful chorales, but the thought is immediately after thrown away when a picture of plastic wraps and metal scrap the size of Texas comes across one’s mind. It is both romantic as well as incredibly tragic that his love in the end, after the bottle is completely dissolved into a state beyond recognition, looks at his words of affection “The message she read was the human occupation and corruption of the masterless ocean”.
The man, apparently called Harold, unaware of his affect on the ocean’s ecosystem, married and lived much longer than his love, Laura. The difference between the two’s lives though, was that he lived a life waiting by the Filey Beach. Laura died doing what she loved and was killed by whom she loved – the Ocean. The story ends with following sentence: “The sempiternal nurdles, indestructible, swayed on and under the surface of the sea.”. Undoubtely this is a comment on no matter when and how both died. Harolds actions will stay in the ocean forever.

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