Analysis: This Man Is Dead

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Dead. This man is dead. Jdimytai Damour was killed on Black Friday, 2008, at a local Walmart in New York by being trampled. Crazy, deal seeking mothers and fathers did not stop cramming into the doors so their child could have the latest trending toy that would be out of style in three months. They just watched as a man died before their eyes. When did we start being more interested in the stuff we want then in the stuff we need? As years go by, people are losing interest in sentimental and valuable things and wanting the newest object on the market. But how long will that new object last before you are buying the next one in line? Television advertisements, magazines, family, and friends also make it impossible not to hear about the next new …show more content…
While the profession is rewarding knowing my father was out there saving lives, he missed out on a lot in my life. He works a 24-hour shift then he is off for 48 hours, and every year his schedule is different. He would miss birthdays, holidays, school events, and countless other things. It was hard on our family. But, I knew that he cherished every minute he was able to spend with us. My father would not take my brothers and me to the store to buy us something to make up for the time he had lost, instead he would take us to the park or playground. We would run around playing for hours just spending time together. I remember those moment more than the times I have spending with my toys. While I always have the memories with my family, I do not have all the toy I had while growing …show more content…
Most of the time kids know their parents are too busy to play with them, so they go and play on their play station or watch television. Do you want your child to remember beating their highest score on a game rather than the times spending with you? Take time and strengthen your family bond. You do not have to go out and do things that cost money, just be together. Play board games, build a family garden or play outside. These make the family feel closer to each other, which is never a bad thing. Just make memories. Memories will last a lifetime, while a toy will last as long as the batteries.
Spending time with your kids can help them higher their academic level. The more time you spend helping your child with their school can only help them. They study better, get better grades, because they are getting the help and attention they need. A better education level can only mean a better job in the future. Do you want a better future for your

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