This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. Climate Change By Naomi Klein

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Have you ever wonder what your life will be in the future? Well, if you think it will be similar to the perfect world that you saw in the movie, then you are wrong. Climate change is happening, if we don’t take action right now, soon it will lead us toward disaster and what we used to believe in and hope for will never come true. In the book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. Climate Change, the author Naomi Klein, an award-winning journalist, author, and syndicated columnist, explains why capitalists are denying climate change even though they know the consequence of it and how they are procrastinating the appropriate responses to this crisis. In the first part of her book, titled “Bad
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Just as Klein states, “The bottom line is that we are all inclined to denial when the truth is too costly- whether emotionally intellectually, or financially”(46). Even though we all aware of the implications of our actions to the environment, we continue to repeat those actions. Some of us chose to look away, especially “political right”(Kelin 63)because they fear to change; fear to accept the consequence of climate changing. Some of us chose to deny because they lack trust to the scientist. Furthermore, some of us are denying climate change because of their own benefit. Klein observes that “The Nature Conservancy’s foray into the fossil fuel business attracted relatively little public controversy”(192). A Green organization suppose to protect the environment from using fossil fuel. However, instead of doing so, for financing its own operations and benefit, these green organizations are helping industry taking resources from the …show more content…
Green Billionaire like “Richard Branson has gone from promising to help get us off oil to championing technologies aimed at extracting and burning much more of it”(Kelin 248). As expected, Richard Branson didn’t keep his promise that using 3 billion from his businesses to solve climate change. It is an irony that a creator of a massive transportation company, try to use the money earn heating the climate to save us from the climate crisis. Not only depending on those billionaires, people also put hope on science and newer

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