The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

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The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is a novel that showcases a family that has to deal with domestic abuse, divorce, incest, rape, and many more issues. This family has been through it all. They know the meaning of the word suffering. Baby Kochamma, the baby aunt of the family, has specifically gone through many issues including heartbreak and failure. These experiences drive her to jealousy against her family members who, in actuality, have just as or more difficult lives as her. In the beginning of her life, Baby Kochamma repeatedly attemptsed to chase after love, all of which ended in failure, then her destitution of love iswas filled with jealousy against her family members, driving her crusade against them, proving that love and …show more content…
Born in a country that was formerly colonized by Great Britain, society has always told her to strive to the west. She wants to make herself seem as western as possible, like when she asked seven-year-old, English girl Sophie Mol if she had read The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Whether or not Baby Kochamma hasd even read the book is was irrelevant, because knowing the name and the author, the most famous in English history, was sufficient to “announce her credentials” (138). In Indian society, the caste system is heavily based on how ‘English’ you are, as at the top of the caste system are academics. Baby Kochamma hasd the opportunity to become ‘western’, with going to school in America, but it goeswent to waste. Chacko, Baby’s nephew, also studiesd in England and finds ound an English wife, but he also gets ot divorced. This is devastating to Baby Kochamma, as this fuels her envy of someone who, again, hasd everything Baby Kochamma ever wanted, but, in Baby Kochamma’s eyes, threw it all away. To Baby Kochamma, the reasoning behind the divorce is extraneous, she only sees that her nephew marriesd an English woman and then throws ew it all away. Thisat is what fuels her crusade against her family, making everything so binary in order that it supports her agenda of

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