Analysis: The Chronicles Of A Plus Size Model

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The Chronicles of a plus Size Model Have you ever felt like you never fit in, and even though you know that you don’t fit in your satisfied by yourself. Well that's how Celeste Harris felt about her and her weight and to top things off her aunt signed her up for a plus size teen pageant. In Erin Dionne’s story Models don’t eat chocolate Cookies, thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris is entered in a modeling contest by her not so friendly aunt,who signed her up without her permission. But not just any modeling contest though, a Miss Husky Peach Pageant for larger sized girls. Celeste hates the fact of even thinking of herself modeling for the Husky peach Pageant knowing she going to get teased about it. She was hoping to lose enough weight so that way she was considered ineligible for the pageant,so she decides to skip snacks and exercises. That’s not even the worst part Celeste is going to lose her best friend to her worst enemy, Lively Carson. Follow us along the journey as we see Celeste battle positive and negative characters within the story. …show more content…
Within the mix of all of that happening Celeste was on the edge of losing her best friend to her bully Lively. Celeste came up with a plan called Operation Skinny Celeste. She believes that if she became skinny she wouldn’t be ineligible to model in the Husky peach model contest. Celeste knew that she was losing her best friend Sandra.”We can be best friends- outside of school” Celeste kept replaying Sandra’s words in her head over and over again.Celeste would have never guessed she would find another friend or two to replace Sandra but she did. Katy and Millie are so supportive of

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