Analysis: Saying Goodbye-Soon

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Saying Goodbye - Soon

My last few posts, combined with the reality that has occurred to me in this late stage of my life. Have convinced me that it is time to put away some of the things I have allowed. And take on, for however long I have left, a role and position that is more responsible.

As most of you know, I have children. They are adults now, but I have learned that they are no less my children because of their age, and neither is my responsibility lessened.

With today’s technology ever advancing and becoming more and more invasive, pervasive. It seems ludicrous to think it possible to separate one 's sexual promiscuousness from one’s family and moral obligations.

To think that one of my children or family can search one of the
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I would be mortified! The very thought petrifies me! But even greater is the suggestion of what this kind of fact learning would do to my children and family.

Things are not as they were just recently. Until just recently, one could pay a high fee to find out if someone has ever committed a crime. Ah, but now, things have changed radically, and drastically! It is now possible through one of the latest technology “ . . . Finders”, for a small fee, to know everything there is to know about a person.

The information is now all inclusive: Personal; criminal; financial; and yes, even on a sexual basis!
Did you get a speeding ticket when you were 20 and living in Nome Alaska? Well, if you did, it’s in the report! Divorced? Yes, that too. How about bankruptcy? Yes, again. Where we lived, phone numbers, and all the rest. It’s all public information, available with a few pal pal dollars, and a quick click of the
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That said, I hope if nothing else to keep it to an absolute minimal amount in occurrence, severity, and depth.

When I do set about to clean house, I will first delete everything here: Profile, posts, photos, etcetera. Then, finally, I will delete the account.

If I should open another account under another name, it will be, at least in part, to communicate with friends and help anyone I can through advice and suggestion. It will be my wish to do someone some good before they end up my age, with the same realizations I am now experiencing.

Finally, I would like to leave you today, with two thoughts.
First: Having done all that I have; I in no way, shape or form will ever judge anyone based on less love, forgiveness, understanding, and grace than I have been given.
And second: This recent thought . . .

“If I have learned anything over all my many years on this sphere, it’s that we become what we give ourselves to.
In this sense, it pays to either give oneself to something very good, or at least, be well diversified.”

Best Wishes to

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