Essay on Analysis On ' Meth And Heroin Addiction '

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Nic Sheff’s memoir Tweak discusses his story of meth and heroin addiction. He narrates between the a time of his life that leads to a violent relapse, before addiction, and life with addiction prior to the violent relapse in California.
The book starts with Nic finding a drug dealer after eighteen months of being sober. He encounters Lauren, whom was finding an excuse to relapse, and both embarked on a relationship that consisted heavily of drugs and sex. Shortly after, they meet Gack who Nic later proposes to start dealing meth. In between, Nic retells his life before these events. This includes his acceptance from prestigious universities, smoking marijuana everyday, spending a lot of time with his father as a child and half-siblings, getting drunk at age 11, and even prostitution. The first part of the book ends with Nic realizing it’s in his best interests to attempt leaving the deadly addiction cycle.
The second section describes another attempt to come clean after relapsing. His AA sponsor helps him come of drugs for a time, and Nic returns to living stably with a job and place to live. Nic’s life seems to be back on track as he finally has communication with his father’s family and his mother. He resumes his relationship with Zelda which is yet another drug and sex relationship. His life goes downhill again and almost loses his arm to an infection because of his venous drug use. At the end of the book, Nic enters a new rehabilitation program and hints that this…

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