Analysis Of ' Zero ' By Paul Logan Essay

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First year college students feel emotionally unprepared for college. This also relates to me, because I am in my first semester students in college and I am extremely stressed out. I worry about papers, exams, homework and pressure of paying for college expenses, yet I didn 't know what I wanted to major in it took forever to finally decide when it was right with me my entire life and now I am determined and focused to graduate college. My goal is to become a veterinarian technician. Why I would rather deal with animals than with people. People are easy to help. Animals can’t tell you when they are hurt, and there is the challenge
In ‘’ZERO’’, Paul Logan describes his struggles throughout high school and college. He writes: ’’But even failure as painful as it is, it does not have to be an ending. It can be a learning experience one that builds strength and gives direction.” This is my favorite quote of his life story. Logan writes about how he didn’t take school seriously because of the bad habits he picked up in high school. After one semester he dropped out of college and began working a bad job. “Zero” illustrates how Logan decided to use his failure as inspiration and become a great success in college the second time around.
Logan uses the essay “Zero” to show that despite struggles and difficulties you can overcome anything. There’s all kinds challenges and stress in my life as a student, so I worry about grades and GPA, my stress of worrying about financial aid, and…

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