Analysis Of ' Winter 's Bone ' By Daniel Woodrell Essay

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Authors have used the theme identity many times. The theme identity allows authors to be able to connect to their readers. Yet, authors also have the ability to portray identity in different ways. In the novel, “Winter’s Bone,” Daniel Woodrell uses the main character’s actions to show that one’s identity can be seen through one’s behavior. Whereas, in Cheryl Strayed’s essay, “The Love of My Life,” provides an opposing stance in which identity is not seen through one’s actions. The works of Woodrell and Strayed provide opposing viewpoints that show how a character’s identity can or cannot be portrayed by their actions.
In Cheryl Strayed’s “The Love of My Life,” the narrator seems to want the reader’s to identify her as a slut. She knows that based on her actions, the readers would assume that she is a slut and is telling the reader that it is okay to assume that is her identity. However, the narrator’s actions do not portray her true identity. The narrator creates this new persona of a slut as a way of coping due to her mother’s death. Having sex with complete strangers becomes her outlet for grieving. By sleeping around, the speaker is able to numb the pain that she feels due to losing her mother by severing emotional ties within her relationships. She is able to do this by giving titles to the people she is messing around with; titles such as “the Prematurely Graying Wilderness Guide, the Technically Still a Virgin Mexican Teenager, the Formerly Gay Organic Farmer…”…

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