Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's Henry II Essay

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Past Theater Did it ever come to you if the man that gave us the love of theater ever stayed relevant to present day? Today in the generation of our society our fellow people are not so interested with the idea of plays and theaters as we were 526 years ago, when our beloved artist William Shakespeare first wrote his famous play Henry VI. Now in our time we are more involved with the actors such as Sylvester Stallone and movies that come out in the cinema from every kind of genre with family movies like Minions to the horror films of the Exorcist. The famous poet did not just bring entertainment into our fellow lives, but much more than in this upcoming essay I will provide you the reader with reasonings adjusted with facts and details to understand in what ways Shakespeare was not left and forgotten as a corpse, but that his ideas and style will carry on for him in our mortal lives. Shakespeare is relevant to the world today because of many things such as the themes and ideas that emerged from his plays are timeless, the brilliance of his language he brought to us, and even the entertainment value. To begin the reason why William Shakespeare is relevant to the world today is because the way the characters and and stories brought universal truths about the human ways in a way where we are all able to relate to in the 21st Century. As said by himself “We know what we are, but know what we may be”. In one of his works known as Romeo and Juliet a person is able to relate…

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