Analysis Of William Faulkner 's ' U ' Essay

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Born September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi, William Cuthbert Falkner, titled after his great-grandfather Colonel Falkner, (the “u” was later added by William Faulkner’s own desire), is classified as a brilliant novelist, poet, scriptwriter, and author; although, in the safe bet of some critics Faulkner is mostly distinguished as a short story writer. His short stories are passionate, deep, and intense; with a mystic way of luring its readers into the deceptive community of Yoknapatawpha, a township created by Faulkner to express the Mississippi atmosphere he recalled growing up in. Faulkner 's family and his culture were the ground-breaking inspiration behind the creation of Yoknapatawpha County; (pronounced Yok-na-pa-TAW-pha), a Chickasaw Indian word meaning “water passes slowly through flatlands.” Faulkner’s illusive writings have a way of shedding light upon the imprint of the historical American South upon America’s present-day behavior: the deception, the mistreatment, in addition to hope for humankind. His words capture the essence of the Southern atmosphere, enlightening the hysterical actualities; yet, his words are unquestionably authentic, so powerfully convincing that even today it inspires awareness for cultured conduct. Faulkner is capable of establishing the fact that there is not just one Southern culture, but countless, all of which are united together to create a rich and unique tapestry that is known as the Southern life. Despite his success, in…

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