Analysis Of ' What Is The What By Dave Eggers Essay

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Within the lifetime of a human being, he or she encounters many obstacles on the path of life; these obstacles are varied moments called teenage riots. The term teenage riot can be described as a time in someone 's life when they are searching for the answers, changing their mentality, and becoming rebellious toward society. However these moments are different for everybody and the length of these moments can vary. The novel What is the What by Dave Eggers, is a journey about Achak 's ongoing inner battle about self-discovery and his struggle to survive and adapt. For Achak many of these moments are centered around the ideas of childhood, manhood, exploring the unknown and independence. Through his story he encounters these obstacles that later become the answers he has been searching for since he was young.
Achak has a strong connection with the concept of childhood, almost every teenage riot moments he has can be tied back to his childhood. In a few of these moments he realises he 's being forced by society to become a man and lose his childhood, even though he wants to keep the comfort that comes with it. As Achak is remembering the time he was with his mother tending to the house and bonding for the last time before the murahaleen raided his village, he begins to think,"For me, though, this is the last time, for tomorrow I will not be a boy. I will be something else-an animal, desperate only to survive...I like to think I was luxuriating in the final moment of childhood…

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