Essay about Analysis Of ' We Wear The Mask '

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‘We wear the mask’ is a well-written poem about the blacks beliefs and attitudes during the Jim Crow Laws and the Harlem Renaissance. Through cleverly written lines with majestic tonality and word choice to create emotion, great stylistic choices and the socio-cultural contexts the poem conveys the intended message of highlighting the suffering that the black culture. Through these simple things, the poem engages their reader which conveys theirs and the societies values, attitudes and perspectives of the Jim Crow era.

Throughout ‘We wear the mask’ the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster that is just going down. From the first line, you have a sense what he will be explaining when he opens with ‘We wear the mask that grins and lies’ (Stanza 1, Line 1). During the poem, Dunbar talks about 4 main points when he talks about wearing a mask. Wearing a mask to cover your eyes and to mislead yourself from the truth, to hide your facial expressions towards the white people and their actions, to hide from all the wrong in the world and wearing a mask from all the turbulent whites that surround you. Through one metaphor, the reader is left to feel desolate and anxious. Your prior knowledge is broadened after you read the first stanza of this poem as the style sets the mood and tone of what he will be talking about. When Dunbar says ‘With torn and bleeding hearts we smile’ (Stanza 1, Line 4) these feelings start because you get a sense of what the black community is…

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