Analysis Of We Are The World

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Today, the world has been captivated by various boundaries, boarders, powers, culture, beliefs, religion, and many more. With all these being part of where we live, it has set a lot of restrictions on how we live. The growth of crime, war and criminal activities has affected our daily life and has impacted in the way we practice freedom. The beautiful blessing, the earth, where we live has been home for the supreme creatures like us where we have started practicing discrimination, hatred, and selfishness. All of these things are the reasons behind how literature and music have stepped ahead to address these problems and to send a positive message around the world.
The song “Imagine” was composed by John Lennon in 1971, during the Vietnam
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The song “we are the world” pleads for change in the world. The people of the whole world are connected with each other and the person living in one part could not ignore the people who are in in need living in another part. The title of the song which is “we are the world” carries a significant meaning in itself and is repeated throughout the song which emphasize the world as a single family. The first stanza of the song we are the world states, “there are people dying and it’s time to lend a hand to life”. In this verse, Jackson clarifies that the people who are living a prosperous life should lend the helping hands to the people who are in need because a small help can save somebody’s life and is considered as the greatest gift of all. The second stanza tells that the leaving everything for the government, organizations and the related people won’t change anything. All of the people should collaborate together to help the people. The third and the fourth stanza explains that the existence of the world is possible only when the people of the world live life together helping each other. Sending heart will help them live a free and stronger life. And this is only possible when the people of the world share their heart and dream together to make the prosperous …show more content…
The title of the song “where is the love” itself searches for love among people. This song speaks about racism, terrorism, violence and hate between people and pleads for change. It talks about racism that is prevailing in the country and the consequences it has brought in the life of the people. The song highlights how kids are involving in gangs, doing drugs and spoiling their future. The last stanza of the song states, “one world, one world (we only got one world) .one world”. This verse declares that we have only one world and people are running to destroy it spreading racism and terrorism. The feeling of humanity does not exist in the world. The people are killing their own race dropping bombs in the countries. The beliefs what the people possess are the bringing evil into the society. “Wrong information always shown by the media, negative images is the main criteria”. This verse tells that the youth and the kids are solely influenced by the media and the media always shows the negative images of the society which has increased the crimes in the world. And the media and the crime performers are not only guilty, the people who are living without caring anything are also guilty. Hence the song where is the love seeks love, peace and prosperity in the world. This song can be considered as the song for

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