Warren Buffet Personality

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Warren Buffett:
Do you enjoy ketchup on a ballpark hotdog? That delicious snack is thanks to Heinz Ketchup Company. Let’s not forget that cold fountain drink made possible by Cornelius Fountain Solutions. And, as you walk back to your seat, you find you can save 15% or more on your car insurance as well. Geico, Heinz, and Cornelius are all sub-companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway, owned and operated under the business mogul net-valued at 66 billion dollars, Warren Buffett. Yet, the list doesn 't stop after the all so recognizable gecko. Berkshire Hathaway today owns 60 other companies from jewelry to home furniture. Today, Berkshire Hathaway is the 6th most profitable company in the world according to Forbes Fortune 500, which leads to the
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It had to do with the different styles and perceptions, or looking at the market in unique ways. Warren Buffett once said to Penn State University, “It is much better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price, than to buy a fair company at a wonderful price.” This is just one prime example of the thinking behind the genius. Warren Buffet is a prime example of a business leader because he evaluates companies not on their price, but of the value that company brings to the market. It is quite easy to see a product selling for a cheap price and purchase it because you believe you are getting a great deal. The contrary would be buying a product of high quality and paying a higher price. This is Buffett’s style. We can learn from Buffett here by focusing on the inside, such as management, values, and good leadership, instead of the enticing for sale sign in the front lawn. Yet, how does one value a company? In an interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Buffet was asked a question along the lines of what are some key pieces he looks for when investing in a company. Buffett responded, "I have turned down business deals that were otherwise decent deals, because I didn 't like the people that I would have to work with, and I didn 't see any sense pretending." (inc road to success). This shows how Buffett values are geared more toward the people rather than the business. It can be concluded that Buffett sees the importance in not only the product, yet the person, which is the first step behind being successful in the business

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