Analysis Of Walt Disney 's The River Oaks Film Studios Essay

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One of the marks of a good entrepreneur is their ability to recognize opportunity where other people miss it. But entrepreneurial people sometimes come along and develop products or services that change the course of business. They ignore the naysayers, and they break the boundaries of the norm. Among those names are people like Henry Ford and Walt Disney. Ford ignored people who told him they needed faster horses, by developing a modern mode of transportation. And Walt Disney envisioned a theme park for children in the middle of swampland, even though theme parks built in that era were by the beach and catered to adults. Now, after more than 35 years in the warehousing and operations industry, Rodney Dickey, wants to bring change to the film industry. The River Oaks Film Studios will offer production companies an alternative to large, expensive film studios in cities like Hollywood, California. His latest business venture is one that will not capitalize on a new market, but it will capitalize on the transition of an older market. Recently, his business focus changed when one of his daughters, who works in the film industry in Los Angeles went home to Savannah to visit him. The production company she works for called her about opening an office in Savannah, and that’s when Dickey became curious to know why a production company would want to open an office there. At the same time, he also planned for the expansion of one of his companies, AA Heritage Solutions, a…

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