Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs '

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Walter Elias Disney was fascinated with the arts and it helped him through his very busy childhood. Disney was kept busy with chores and secretly sketched nature and animals all around him. From an early age Disney drew sketches whenever he could, but when his father fell ill he had to put away the sketchpad and become a man. After Disney’s schooling ended, he enlisted in the “American Ambulance Corps during World War I (Slayman, 2).” The Disney brothers used this fascination with art and turned it into something they could profit from. The pair founded Disney Brother Studios, which would later be known as Walt Disney Studios. Walt Disney was one of the most influential men of the 1900’s, using his animations to bring the American people out of the darkness during the Great Depression, and also building a multi-media empire focused on real-life stories and family fun. Walt Disney Studios made its first big break with the release of the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film was released in 1937, right in the midst of the Great Depression. Even though people were starved and poor, they still managed to attend movies. It was the only escape from the reality of their terrible lives. That is just what Snow White was for the American people: she was their escape. Snow White resembled the American people during the Great Depression, poor and scrounging for work. The Evil Queen represented the Great Depression itself, robbing Snow White of her wealth and trying…

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