Essay about Analysis Of Walt Disney Park And Resort Segment

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Internal Analysis
The Walt Disney company is one of the world 's elite in the media and entertainment industries. They own five segments in such industry and are leaders in all of them. Each of their company’s segments express imagination, dynamism and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the type of organizational culture the Walt Disney Park and Resort segment follows is adhocracy. Disney is externally oriented and quite flexible. As a unified company Disney concentrates on innovation, change, growth, community, and acquisition. All of their members are rewarded through a reward programs like quality of work, employee recognitions, and service length. Thus, their team becomes motivated by the meaning of appeal of their tasks. These values are in everything the employees do.
In order to create an effective plan of attack managers must look at the internal environment of a company and analyze it. The internal analysis allows managers to assess and identify both weakness and strengths of a certain company or segment in this case Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The conditions of an internal environment usually affect activities, choices, and staff behavior. Therefore, it is of great importance that these conditions get attended. To do so managers continuously look at the key sections the internal environment which consist of, financial analysis, human resource assessments, and company culture. Analyzing these factors provides a clear understanding of how Disney can compete…

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