Walmart Buying Strategy

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The item that I am currently considering buying is a Samsung Curved- 4K Ultra HD LED Smart HDTV. I’ve chosen the four listed websites below to purchase this item because they are the most common electronic store. Therefore, I’ll be writing a report on each website answering the following questions: Are you more apt to purchase the item from one of those websites based on your findings? Was the website easy to navigate? Did the website have significant information about the product? Did warranties or shipping charges influence your decision?
Walmart- Walmart is one of the best online store for people in the general public today. Wal-Mart offers something that people want and love, and that is low prices. Therefore, I would purchase this Item
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K-mart is great when it comes to everyday products. Their price match program is awesome as well. Moreover, Kmart has a wide selection of TV’s and carries more than most competitors in my opinion. Additionally, Kmart has a feature on the website where you can shop and then pick it up on at the store, which is excellent if you do not want to be wandering around the store. In addition, Kmart prices are very low compared to competitors as well. Moreover, I have found the design of their website to be easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy to follow. Plus, Kmart has done an excellent job giving significant information in regards to the TV. Unfortunately, I did find their shipping rates to be on the high side and sometimes the total shipping costs would end up being more than the cost of the products themselves. Kmart requires spending $59 before giving free shipping, which in my opinion is higher than it needs to be. Many stores require about $35-50 before giving free shipping. Also, Kmart’s warranty/protection plan was extremely high for this particular item at $299-$439. Although both didn’t influence my decision, it was definitely was a dissatisfaction. Furthermore, Kmart requires spending $59 before giving free shipping, which in my opinion is higher than it needs to be. Many stores require about $35-50 before giving free shipping. All …show more content…
Not only does BestBuy have a great selection of products, they also get the latest electronics that come out; from televisions, game consoles, Blu-ray players, they also have roughly every electronic item. In addition, BestBuy’s website is pretty easy to navigate, the format is excellent and mostly the sorting works out very well. There are options at the sidebars to narrow down your categories that operates and is designed well. Plus, it helps to keep you from getting overwhelmed with too many choices of things you don’t want. The site allows you to have the item shipped to your home or you can choose store pick-up to avoid paying shipping and handling fees. If your order is at least $35.00 or higher, you get free shipping also. For that reason, BestBuy’s shipping and handling definitely played a major role in my decision in purchasing the TV from their website. Although I have never purchased the warranty on TV’s, their price range seems very fair ranging from $169-$299. One of the big reasons I like the site is they don 't seem to push a bunch of similar items at you with every click and search. Furthermore, BestBuy online gives you significant information for each product purchased. Plus, they have customer reviews for nearly all the products I looked at. Also, each product has images that show the products from every angle. For these reasons in

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