Breakfast Of Champions Summary

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There are many interesting things about the book breakfast of champions, a distinctive way of author writing style that defies fictional conventions, social commentaries and the exploration of relations between the fictional and the determinate. But these ideas are held by a very weak history, making everything less than its parts separately.

The story unfolds around a science fiction writer called Kilgore Trout, and a car salesman named Dwayne Hoover. Away from where we are given to understand that the period in which is being covered by the book no one knows Kilgore Trout from which all his stories have been published in porn magazines. He ends up surprised by an invitation he receives to speak at an art festival made by someone who thinks
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One of the main themes of the book is that humans are machines.

Vonnegut introduces us this theme in one of his sentences, saying that the concept of esteem of his observations as a child towards adults was like the suffering of a locomotive ataxia. That dictated the control on the personages that has the narrator on the personages in the universe that he has created

"I could only guide their movements approximately, since they were such big animals. There was inertia to overcome. It was not as though I was connected to them by steel wires. It was more as though I was connected to them by stale rubber bands. "

It is a fact that the narrator is not able to control machines by itself, thus creating a world no more than he is able to control the "machine characters". In the epilogue, when Kilgore Trout is introduced, it shows that he is having difficulties with the windshield and a lighter of a car which he is driving.

In narrator does not reach any conclusion on the humans being machines until the 19 chapter, when he decides, "there was nothing sacred about myself or about any human being, that we were all achines, doomed to collide and collide and

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