Essay on Analysis Of Trifles And The Play ' Trifles '

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In today’s society there, are issues concerning gender; this has been a problem for a long time. The play Trifles shows an example of this issue which proves that it has been going on for countless years. For many years now men see themselves as the powerhouse of the relationship. It has often been said that women are responsible for the jobs inside the house. Does it have to be this way? No, it is not a true statement to say that women are less of an human than men are but they often looked upon that way. Although some readers of Trifles would argue that it does not have a gender issue, it does. Treating women differently than men is a problem that should be fixed, because someone can only be pushed so far before she snaps.

Throughout the play Mrs. Wright is known to be a sweet, unharmful lady said to be fluttery and kind of timid, just like any woman in the world. This is why no one thought she would murder anyone, especially her husband. When Mr. Hale goes to the Wrights’ resident, he uses imagery when he says, “She was rocking back and forth. She had an apron in her hand and was kind of- pleading it” (Trifles 602) to make the reader picture what Mrs. Wright was doing after the murder of her husband. Everyone had the same question - why did she do it? The men searched for the big clues such as the rope and where it came from, while the women looked for the smaller clues that paint the big picture. Even though the women found some clues, they didn’t voice their opinion…

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