Analysis Of Tom Ridge Environmental Center Essay

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Tom Ridge Environmental Center The science and description breadth is an area that seeks to find answers. There must be a fact or end result and entails much experimentation. It can involve anything living such as our bodies and nature and includes the world and beyond around us. One such place observed is the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. This center is full of learning experiences for all ages.
Observation of the Center
The Tom Ridge Environmental Center is somewhere I have never been to, but always wondered what it actually was. It is at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park which is almost completely surrounded by Lake Erie. Presque Isle is approximately 3200 acres and is home to many different kinds of wildlife. This learning center has a lot to offer educationally and culturally. Many exhibits teach about wildlife in the area and the land we live on as well as the peninsula it is housed on. The day that I visited it had a local art show that included all ages, ethnicities, and education levels all with various types of artistry.
The environmental center is not only a learning center about nature and the environment but is also a home to different conservation agencies and a teaching facility. Among the local agencies having offices there are the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The center is home to many different local agencies and direct nature care…

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