Analysis Of ' Tom And Huck ' Essay

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Tom and Huck are known to be very similar characters, but they are in fact very different. They live completely different lives and process thought differently. So despite the fact that they are the same age, live in the same area, and period of time, they are completely different. One is loved by family, while the other is alone with a nasty drunk as a father. One attends school and Sunday church while the other is unable to read, write and doesn’t get the chance to attend church. One reads books about great adventures while the other discovers them in real life. One was raised very eloquently while the other does what he wants, and how he wants it to be done. There could be a great possibility of that being the reason of them being so close, opposites do attract you know. Perception is very different for both of them, causing them to decipher plans diversely. Love, is what Tom feels. Alone, is what Huck has become. Tom has always had a roof over his head and a caring, loving aunt to take care of when he became ill, was hungry, was injured, ect,.. Huck, however was never truly blessed like Tom. Huck was left with hardship and a drunk as a father. “But by-and-by Pap got too handy with his hick’ry, and I couldn’t stand it. I was all over welts. He got to going away so much, too, and locking me in. Once he locked me in and was gone for days. It was dreadful lonesome.” Huck finn Chapter 6. It is one of the main reasons he desired to run away. He thrived…

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