Examples Of Huckleberry Finn's Maturity

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Chapters 1-4

1. Huck is more mature than Tom Sawyer is, but is still a boy at heart. Huck shows maturity when Tom wants to “tie Jim to the tree for fun,” and Huck stops him from playing this prank on him (9). Huck also goes to school and “can spell, and read, and write just a little” (17). Huck’s maturity could partly be due to the fact that as a child he was beaten by his father, and he has experienced hardship in life, but he is still a normal kid who joins the band of “robbers,” and raids the Sunday school picnic.
2. Tom Sawyer is not very mature. He is constantly exaggerating the truth, telling lies, and playing pranks on people. When it seems that he may be getting caught by Jim he just won’t stop complaining about a scratch saying, “I think I’d die if I couldn’t scratch” (8). Also when Jim goes to sleep, Tom wants to tie him up, and when Huck says no to this, Tom plays another prank on him by “Slipping Jim’s hat off his head and hang it on the limb right over him” (9). Tom also tells the rest of the gang a huge lie about “Spanish merchants and rich A-rabs… with di’monds” ( 15). This lack of self-control, and Tom’s huge lies show his immaturity.
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Huck is not a very religious person, and he doesn’t even seem to grasp the concept of it. The widow tries to teach Huck about Moses, but he quickly loses interest when she tells him that Moses is dead saying that he “doesn’t care no more about him” (6). He also shows his lack of understanding about religion when Miss Watson tells him that if he asks for something he will receive it. Huck thinks that if he asks for hooks for his fish-line that they should just magically appear for him. When Miss Watson tells him that he will get spiritual gifts he says that he, “doesn’t see and advantage about it” (14). This shows Huck’s lack of

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