Analysis Of ' Titus ' And ' The Flies ' Essay

1094 Words Jan 11th, 2016 5 Pages
This story about Titus who lives in the future American society where huge corporations run almost everything and approximately 70% of Americans have their brains implanted by a device called feed that gives them access to the feednet, which is like a more advance form of the Internet today. During spring break, Titus, the protagonist, and his friends Link, Marty, Quendy, Calista, and Loga, goes to the moon where they meet a new friend named Violet. All of them then went dancing to a place called The Rumble Spot where an old man who is a part of an organization called The Coalition of Pity, a group of people who knows what’s really happening to the world, hacked Titus ' and his friend’s feeds. After their feeds were repaired, they returned to earth. Titus and Violet became very good friends that ended up in a relationship. Violet then mentions to Titus that her feed has been malfunctioning since they were attacked which was likely for Violet because she got her feed much later age than recommended and it is a cheaper version. Over time, Violet’s Feed did not get repaired and started degrading and because the feeds are hardwired in people’s brains, it would damage their brain. Violet began to lose memories and caused her to act ferociously to her friends when her feed malfunctions, which freaks out Titus so he breaks up with her. Titus then started dating Quendy, one of his friends, and did not see Violet for some time. The next time he sees her, Violet cannot even move or…

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