Analysis Of Tierney, Norland, Simone And Bokova Essay examples

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Cultures clash, and these clashes come from preconceived feelings and emotions that originate from cultural heritage. The readings of Tierney, Norland, Simone and Bokova attempt to demonstrate the commencement of cultural clashes through misunderstandings on the areas of non-verbal, verbal communication and preconceptions along others. Tierney uses the challenging situation Iraqis experience with Americans living on Baghdad to expose the cultural differences that provoke misinterpretations to arise. He presents in the article that Americans have to deal with Iraqis criticizing foreigners, while foreigners like them have to deal with it impartially when it certainly bothers them. The isolation Iraqi citizens are putting on foreigners’ makes Americans, like Lieutenant Horner; feel excluded from this society causing a sentiment of “ morale” madness rather than anything else. In terms of verbal communication, seclusion is an issue because of the language barrier. Nonverbally, the Iraqi culture values the code of honor and the protection of personal anecdotes, therefore even though they are extremely polite their “coverings” for family embarrassments and other situations creates a feeling of distrust from part of the Americans. They know that these habits are hard to be erased from the Iraqis because of their cultural background, but their impatience comes from the circumstance that they are in a threatening country trying to protect people who only criticize them. Nordland…

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