Essay about Analysis Of Thomas King 's Green Grass Running Water

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In Thomas King’s Green Grass Running Water protagonist; Latisha experiences a personal journey to find her true identity. While undergoing her journey in attempt to discover the unique characteristics and beliefs she as an individual possesses, this character displays acts of heroism by facing challenging obstacles that are brought upon them throughout the novel. This is done through their actions as these characters present and exhibit qualities of independence, selflessness and generosity. Throughout the novel Latisha learns to become a noble character as she fights a battle of domestic violence against her husband and gains the courage and independence to open up her own business. She learns to grow as a person and the who she really is within. Moreover, King uses Latisha and portrays her as a small scale hero as she withstands the many conflicts she is faced with throughout the novel in order to come across her true identity.
Latisha, sister of Lionel and hardworking mother of three manages to take of her children and run a successful business. Though this was not always the situation. Latisha essentially met her husband when he decided to come out to the reserve for Indian Days. Liking him from the very beginning, “George Morningstar. Latisha even liked his name. It sounded slightly Indian, though George was American, from a small town in Michigan” (King 131). From their first encounter Latisha had the impression that George was a humble and kind young man who was very…

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