Essay about Analysis Of ' The Workbox ' By Thomas Hardy

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“The Workbox” by Thomas Hardy is a poem about a wife who receives a gift from her husband. Initially the reader might imply that the husband presents this little box with intentions of pleasing his wife. The box is made from the coffin of John Wayward, a man from the wife’s past. Once she learns of the true contents of the box the wife tries to hide her reaction to the news of John’s death. No one knows the truth of how John dies, but the wife’s reaction to the box could suggest that she either has something to do with his death or knows more than she lets on. One could also suggest that the husband presents this box to his wife in hopes of a reaction. Thomas Hardy’s use of irony in “The Workbox” suggest that a gift can sometimes be more than just a gift.
The wife, “came of borough folk” (4). This suggests that she is of a higher class than her husband because “He was a joiner, of village life” (3), a carpenter. The wife might feel she is better than the husband. She may not even truly love him, so introducing John might imply that he is a lover from her past or a current lover whom she is cheating with. The husband may know of his wife’s infidelity with John or discovers that her heart truly lies with John instead of him and becomes jealous. He may have murdered John or discovered that his wife knows something about john’s death and created the sewing box to either confirm his suspicions or to show her he is not as naive as she thinks.
Verbal irony is saying the opposite…

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