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The work ‘sin’ has different meanings for different people. Most of the people believe that sin is a transgression of the law of God (The New Testament). There are people who do not feel strongly about the mere existence of such a divine power and, therefore, consider sin to be nothing more than an act that is not acceptable in a society regardless of the fact whether it goes against any religious views or not. Hence, I, to some extent, do not agree with Dante’s ranking of sins. This is mostly because I do not think that some of the sins should be ranked where they are (in the book), in today’s world.

It has can seen in many instances in Inferno that people are in the circles of Hell they are in because of a technicality. Dante and Virgil meet Myrrha, the girl who fell in love with her father, all the way down in the Tenth Pouch of the Eight Circle of Hell (Canto XXX. 37-41). “And he to me: ‘That is the ancient soul of the indecent Myrrha, she who loved her father past the limit of just love. She came to sin with him by falsely taking another’s shape upon herself, just as…’” Someone could argue that she falsified her identity because of lust. In other words, lust was a big contributing factor to the act of falsified identity. By this logic she should be in the Second Circle of Hell which has the people who yielded to lust. According to Dante’s ranking of sins, we should expect Dido to be in the Seventh Circle of Hell where the violent people belong.

One could argue…

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